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  • Flying near Rocky Mountains

    I am flying again! It’s been more than a year I haven’t flown at all, and I missed it a lot. Finally I can spread my wings again! Pilot must fly, it is the rule. Skills are deteriorating without practice. The process is slower for experienced pilots, but practice is still essential. And, of course,…

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  • Canada: at least some progress

    I believe I already mentioned that I recently moved to Canada: there are really lots of flying opportunities here, and it is definitely better for me than some African or Asian country. As you probably know, I have FAA and EASA licenses, and I had to convert my FAA CPL into the Canadian one. While…

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  • EASA Modular Route Description

    I frequently refer to the EASA route for getting a first airline job, so I decided to create a separate post about it with brief description of each step. Basically airlines in Europe require a commercial pilot license with multi-engine instrument rating and ATPL theoretical exams passed plus some additional certificates like UPRT and MCC.…

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  • Advantages of studying in the US for the EASA PPL holder

    At the first glance it does not look very natural to go study to the US if the final goal is the EASA CPL, but I’ve chosen this way on purpose. First of all, my final goal is not only EASA license but both EASA and FAA. That is because I consider job opportunities all…

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  • Canadian Radio Operator Certificate (ROC-A)

    As you probably know, I have a FAA Commercial Pilot License and now converting it into the Canadian one. In addition, Canadian regulations require that all pilots using the aircraft radio should obtain a radio operator certificate, at least for acting as a PIC (Pilot in Command). FAA has a similar requirement, but only for…

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  • FAACA and FAAIA Written Exams

    As you probably know, I am converting my FAA commercial pilot license to the Canadian one – TCCA. The next step after getting the first medical is booking the written exams. Ontario’s branch of Transport Canada responded the email unexpectedly quick – in a day, and it was possible to book the exams next week.…

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  • FAA to TCCA Pilot License Conversion

    If you found this page, you probably already know that Canadian pilot license is usually required to fly in Canada. I am going to describe the process of conversion the FAA license to a Transport Canada one. Of course for working here you also need a work permit or be a citizen or permanent resident,…

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  • Canadian Medical

    After about 2 months I got my first class Canadian medical certificate. I found out that it is not so long for Transport Canada, so I can consider myself lucky! Medical is a very first step to convert a pilot license into Canadian one. I got the number – it will be my license number…

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  • FAA to TCCA License Conversion: Medical

    The first step to obtain a Canadian pilot license is getting a medical. You need to find an AME (Aeromedical Examiner) in your area here and make an appointment. I decided to get both TCCA and FAA medicals, and it turned out that there are not so many options for that. I found only two…

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  • Flight Simulator

    Despite of the fact that I started my flight training back in 2017 and gained about 340 hours so far, I’ve never tried a flight training device of any sort. Of course I don’t consider a flight in a boeing 737 simulator in 2016 in Singapore since it was more a tourist attraction, and of…

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04/09/2017: My First Flight
04/25/2017: EASA PPL written exam (6 exams passed)
05/21/2017: Radio Operator Certificate (Europe VFR)
05/22/2017: EASA PPL written exam (all passed)
05/26/2017: The First Solo!
05/28/2017: Solo cross-country >270 km
05/31/2017: EASA PPL check-ride
07/22/2017: EASA IFR English
08/03/2017: 100 hours TT
12/04/2017: The first IFR flight
12/28/2017: FAA IR written
02/16/2018: FAA IR check-ride
05/28/2018: FAA Tailwheel endorsement
06/04/2018: FAA CPL long cross-country
06/07/2018: FAA CPL written
07/16/2018: FAA CPL check-ride
07/28/2018: FAA CPL ME rating
08/03/2018: FAA HP endorsement
06/03/2019: EASA ATPL theory (6/14)
07/03/2019: EASA ATPL theory (11/14)
07/15/2019: FAA IR IPC
07/18/2019: FAA CPL SES rating
08/07/2019: EASA ATPL theory (done)
10/10/2019: EASA NVFR
10/13/2019: EASA IR/PBN SE
11/19/2019: Solo XC > 540 km
12/06/2019: EASA CPL
12/10/2019: EASA AMEL
02/20/2020: Cessna 210 endorsement
08/30/2021: FAVT validation
05/27/2022: TCCA CPL/IR written
05/31/2022: Radio Operator Certificate Canada