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  • Flight Simulator

    Despite of the fact that I started my flight training back in 2017 and gained about 340 hours so far, I’ve never tried a flight training device of any sort. Of course I don’t consider a flight in a boeing 737 simulator in 2016 in Singapore since it was more a tourist attraction, and of […]

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  • EASA ATPL Theory Preparation: Look Back

    As you probably know, in 2019 I passed all my EASA ATPL theory exams for getting my commercial license, and I decided to share my experience. Hopefully it will help someone. Mentally it was a nightmare. I remember my exams time back to the university, but usually it was lasting for a couple of weeks, […]

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  • Cessna 210 Endorsement

    Currently I have both FAA and EASA licenses, and they have some differences related to maintaining currency or set of endorsements. Some airplanes require a separate type rating. Usually that applies to large aircrafts like Boeing 737 or Pilatus pc12, requires some training and an exam. The ratings are being added to the license. Some […]

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  • EASA MEP/IR/PBN: Ready, Steady, Go!

    One more important step for getting a job is complete: I added Multi-Engine and Instrument Rating to my EASA license. EASA Instrument Rating does not automatically applies to all class and type ratings in the license (like FAA), so I had to pass two different checkrides. Basically CPL with these ratings allows to apply for […]

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  • EASA CPL: Brand New Commercial Pilot

    One more milestone is passed – now I officially possess EASA Commercial Pilot License with single-engine, multi-engine and instrument ratings. It took about 50 flight hours and almost a year – mainly because of theoretical exams preparation, and today I passed the practical exam. The commercial course itself took 15 dual hours, one long solo […]

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  • EASA CPL Checkride Prerequisite

    Just a quick note about FAA and EASA commercial checkride. According to the EASA rules the aircraft for a commercial pilot checkride must have at least 4 seats (including pilot), retractable gear and variable-pitch propeller (“complex airplane” in the FAA terms). That is stated in the Part-FCL Regulation (EC) 1178/2011, Appendix 4, Part B, paragraph […]

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  • EASA Multi-Engine Training

    All turbojet or turboprop aircrafts usually require a type rating, and almost all airliners require two pilots. I am not going to describe obtaining a type rating or multi-crew training in this post – I will do it later when I will be at that stage, but I mentioned it because of the EASA rules. […]

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  • CPL Long Cross-Country

    Solo cross-country flight of more than 300 nautical miles (it is about 540 km) with at least two full stop landings in different airports other than a departure airport is a requirement for any Commercial Pilot. This is correct both for the EASA and FAA, but FAA also requires that one of the airport should […]

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  • Tecnam or Cessna?

    About a month ago I started my EASA Commercial Pilot training. I flew about 4 hours and went back home, and now I am going to finish it. Our school has some cessnas 152 and one TECNAM P2008JC. Usually all C152 are all booked well in advance, but Tecnam is less popular, so I booked […]

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  • OK CPL!

    I am currently on the way to my EASA Commercial License! As I already mentioned, I’ve chosen some rather unusual route to my pilot career: EASA PPL, then FAA IR and FAA CPL, and finally EASA CPL. It looks a little strange, but in reality it has some advantages. Initially I came to Czech Republic […]

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04/09/2017: My First Flight
04/25/2017: EASA PPL written exam (6 exams passed)
05/21/2017: Radio Operator Certificate (Europe VFR)
05/22/2017: EASA PPL written exam (all passed)
05/26/2017: The First Solo!
05/28/2017: Solo cross-country >270 km
05/31/2017: EASA PPL check-ride
07/22/2017: EASA IFR English
08/03/2017: 100 hours TT
12/04/2017: The first IFR flight
12/28/2017: FAA IR written
02/16/2018: FAA IR check-ride
05/28/2018: FAA Tailwheel endorsement
06/04/2018: FAA CPL long cross-country
06/07/2018: FAA CPL written
07/16/2018: FAA CPL check-ride
07/28/2018: FAA CPL ME rating
08/03/2018: FAA HP endorsement
06/03/2019: EASA ATPL theory (6/14)
07/03/2019: EASA ATPL theory (11/14)
07/15/2019: FAA IR IPC
07/18/2019: FAA CPL SES rating
08/07/2019: EASA ATPL theory (done)
10/10/2019: EASA NVFR
10/13/2019: EASA IR/PBN SE
11/19/2019: Solo XC > 540 km
12/06/2019: EASA CPL
12/10/2019: EASA AMEL
02/20/2020: Cessna 210 endorsement
08/30/2021: FAVT validation
05/27/2022: TCCA CPL/IR written
05/31/2022: Radio Operator Certificate Canada