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  • Rediscovering the Joy of Tailwheel Flying: A Delightful Experience

    As you may already know from my previous posts, I am pursuing a career as a pilot, and currently, I am working on obtaining my Canadian Flight Instructor Rating. In the meantime, as I already hold a Commercial Pilot license, I have been actively searching for job opportunities or more affordable options for flight experience […]

  • Cessna 210 Endorsement

    Currently I have both FAA and EASA licenses, and they have some differences related to maintaining currency or set of endorsements. Some airplanes require a separate type rating. Usually that applies to large aircrafts like Boeing 737 or Pilatus pc12, requires some training and an exam. The ratings are being added to the license. Some […]

  • High-Performance Airplane

    Commercial pilot license requirements contain 10 hours of complex airplane flight time (at least it was so in 2018 – as far as I know, now only technically advanced aircraft time is required). Complex airplane means the one with a retractable gear, flaps and constant-speed prop. But from the April 2018 it is not required […]

  • Spin Training

    Spin Training is a part of the flight instructor course, but I suppose that this training is useful for all pilots. Of course it’s better to recognize approaching spin in advance, but sometimes shit happens anyway, and it’s good to know what to do in that case. In theory the process is not very hard: […]

  • Tailwheel II

    I am continuing with my tailwheel training. I found out that taxiing in citabria is not so difficult at the end, but just requires very precise pedals manipulation. There are two different landing methods: the first is when you keep nose-high attitude and let the tail wheel to touch down, and then apply even more […]

  • Flying a Tailwheel Airplane: Challenges and Thrills

    As I’ve mentioned before, I need to accumulate 250 hours of total flight time to meet the requirements for a commercial pilot’s license. During this time-building process, I am considering flying different types of aircraft to gain variety of experience. One endorsement I am pursuing is for a tailwheel aircraft. This will not only improve […]