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  • Cessna 210 Endorsement

    Currently I have both FAA and EASA licenses, and they have some differences related to maintaining currency or set of endorsements. Some airplanes require a separate type rating. Usually that applies to large aircrafts like Boeing 737 or Pilatus pc12, requires some training and an exam. The ratings are being added to the license. Some […]

  • Seaplane Rating

    Now I am studying theory for the EASA ATPL exams, and sometimes it is very tiring and boring (sometimes it is fun though). Anyway, I decided to take a small vacation and go flying (I am a pilot, right?) I mentioned that I have been training for my IPC, and since I am in the […]

  • Commercial Maneuvers

    Currently I am flying complex airplane hours, and I decided to do that in a multiengine airplane. The basic principles in flying the maneuvers in a multiengine airplane are the same as in a single-engine one, but there are some more procedures, and the speed range is wider. The main difference for me is even […]