• EASA Modular Route Description

    I frequently refer to the EASA route for getting a first airline job, so I decided to create a separate post about it with brief description of each step. Basically airlines in Europe require a commercial pilot license with multi-engine instrument rating and ATPL theoretical exams passed plus some additional certificates like UPRT and MCC. […]

  • EASA ATPL Theory Preparation: Look Back

    As you probably know, in 2019 I passed all my EASA ATPL theory exams for getting my commercial license, and I decided to share my experience. Hopefully it will help someone. Mentally it was a nightmare. I remember my exams time back to the university, but usually it was lasting for a couple of weeks, […]

  • EASA ATPL Theory: The Exams are done!

    Today was The Day! I passed all the rest of the EASA ATPL theoretical exams. All 14 exams are done! I am so excited about it! I remember my university master’s degree thesis, when I was studying days and nights during some months to get it done. It took about 7 months, countless sleepless nights, […]

  • EASA ATPL Exams: AGK, RadioComm, PoF, Performance, HPL

    This is the second EASA ATPL session for me: as I mentioned, I already passed 6 EASA ATPL exams. Yesterday I passed two more subjects – Human Performance and Limitations and Aeroplane Performance. In my ranking these are the easiest subjects after VFR/IFR Communications. Today I am taking three exams: Aircraft General Knowledge, Radio Communications, […]

  • EASA ATPL Exams: VFR communications, Air Law, M&B, Operational Procedures, General Navigation

    The most difficult subjects for me in the EASA ATPL theory course were Air Law, Operational Procedures ΠΈ General Navigation. Meteorology is also rather challenging, but much more interesting. I don’t know what was in my mind when I booked the exam slots, but I have all these three in my current session. Today I […]

  • EASA ATPL Exams: IFR Communications

    I started taking my EASA exams in the Czech CAA. Public transportation is very convenient in Prague, so it is not necessary to rent a car here. The CAA is located near the airport terminal 3. I am getting used to this building πŸ™‚ It is still impossible to pay by card, only cash is […]

  • EASA ATPL Exams

    I finally decided where I am going to take my EASA ATPL exams. I am going to Prague, Czech Republic. I’ve chosen Prague mainly because of the following reasons: they have a great online booking system, I already have my PPL there, and I am going to get my CPL there. The application was easy, […]

  • ATPL Theory is done

    Finally the EASA ATPL theoretical course is done and I got a certificate of completion. I can take exams in the CAA with this document. The course was really tough. 4 months is definitely not enough without any prior knowledge, but even with some preparation it’s challenging. I took tests every day except Mondays, and […]

  • ATPL Theory

    It’s been a while I did not make an update, but I am still on the way to my first pilot job. From January 2019 I am studying EASA ATPL theory subjects in a Polish flight school. Actually the online part is already finished (in April 2019), and it was very tough: you really need […]

  • ATPL – Operational Procedures

    As I’ve already mentioned, I enrolled into the online EASA ATPL theory course from a Polish flight school (Ventum Air). The course duration is 4 months, and the schedule is very tough since I have to learn 14 subjects. I have some prior knowledge – not sure whether it is even possible without it. After […]