Canadian Radio Operator Certificate (ROC-A)

As you probably know, I have a FAA Commercial Pilot License and now converting it into the Canadian one. In addition, Canadian regulations require that all pilots using the aircraft radio should obtain a radio operator certificate, at least for acting as a PIC (Pilot in Command). FAA has a similar requirement, but only for cross border flights, and in Canada you should have it regardless of whether you flying to the US or just around your local airfield. I’ve already seen something similar in Czech Republic, where I had to pass an oral exam to obtain that certificate.

In Canada you have to pass an exam too, but it is a very easy written test containing 20 questions. It can be taken at the flight school approved by Industry Canada, and some schools even accept walk-ins.

I passed from the first attempt with one mistake. After that you should wait until the paper certificate comes by mail, and in this case it happened surprisingly fast – just in two weeks.

One more step to the Canadian dream are made. Can’t wait!






3 responses to “Canadian Radio Operator Certificate (ROC-A)”

  1. Theo Avatar

    You can also convert your FCC RR to Canadian ROC-A

    1. avtomaton Avatar

      Probably, I didn’t check it since I didn’t have FCC license, and the exam itself is a joke and can be done at almost any flight school nearby. But thank you for the comment, probably it can help someone!

    2. liam Avatar

      how to do the conversion for FCC to ROC-A?
      Can’t find a reference…

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