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  • Rediscovering the Joy of Tailwheel Flying: A Delightful Experience

    As you may already know from my previous posts, I am pursuing a career as a pilot, and currently, I am working on obtaining my Canadian Flight Instructor Rating. In the meantime, as I already hold a Commercial Pilot license, I have been actively searching for job opportunities or more affordable options for flight experience […]

  • Tailwheel II

    I am continuing with my tailwheel training. I found out that taxiing in citabria is not so difficult at the end, but just requires very precise pedals manipulation. There are two different landing methods: the first is when you keep nose-high attitude and let the tail wheel to touch down, and then apply even more […]

  • Flying a Tailwheel Airplane: Challenges and Thrills

    As I’ve mentioned before, I need to accumulate 250 hours of total flight time to meet the requirements for a commercial pilot’s license. During this time-building process, I am considering flying different types of aircraft to gain variety of experience. One endorsement I am pursuing is for a tailwheel aircraft. This will not only improve […]