• FAACA and FAAIA Written Exams

    As you probably know, I am converting my FAA commercial pilot license to the Canadian one – TCCA. The next step after getting the first medical is booking the written exams. Ontario’s branch of Transport Canada responded the email unexpectedly quick – in a day, and it was possible to book the exams next week. […]

  • FAA to TCCA Pilot License Conversion

    If you found this page, you probably already know that Canadian pilot license is usually required to fly in Canada. I am going to describe the process of conversion the FAA license to a Transport Canada one. Of course for working here you also need a work permit or be a citizen or permanent resident, […]

  • Canadian Medical

    After about 2 months I got my first class Canadian medical certificate. I found out that it is not so long for Transport Canada, so I can consider myself lucky! Medical is a very first step to convert a pilot license into Canadian one. I got the number – it will be my license number […]

  • FAA to TCCA License Conversion: Medical

    The first step to obtain a Canadian pilot license is getting a medical. You need to find an AME (Aeromedical Examiner) in your area here and make an appointment. I decided to get both TCCA and FAA medicals, and it turned out that there are not so many options for that. I found only two […]