Exam Success: Reflections on Passing the EASA PPL Written Exams

Today, I passed the remaining written exam subjects for my private pilot course. I described my first attempt here. One nice surprise was that retaking the exams is totally free in the Czech Republic. I had assumed that I would have to pay for each attempt, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this was not the case.

This time around, the exam was much easier for me. I was better prepared, and additionally had studied all the questions available on aeroweb.cz, so I knew what to expect. However, I am glad that I read the books, as I believe that all pilots should aim for a solid understanding of the material, not just passing the exam.

Today, I saw some students from Hong Kong who had graduated from the “Flying Academy,” which is the largest flight school in the Czech Republic. From what I understand, they didn’t pass all their subjects on the first try. I would have liked to ask them about their experience at the school, but unfortunately, I did not have enough time.

I am thrilled that I can now study in English. Although the ATPL subjects are generally the same in all EASA countries, there are significant differences in PPL exams. The Czech exam questions are perfect, but there aren’t enough evaluation tools in English available before the exam. While British resources do not work as well (you can have 95% average result in practice exams and still fail that subject in Czechia), their books are the best.

However, I am now on the ATPL track in terms of theory and believe that ATPL books and question banks match the most of the questions in all EASA countries.

Regarding FAA exams, they are different as English is the primary language there. I have not yet made a final decision about whether to pursue the EASA or FAA track.





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