My Long-Awaited Return to the Skies: First Flight in Florida

After dealing with all the necessary legalities for studying in the US, I finally have the opportunity to fly again! However, it’s not without its challenges. There are four new factors that I have to work with: it’s been a while since I’ve flown (since August), I’ve never flown a Cessna 172, I’ve never flown under IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions – either simulated or actual), and the radio communications are a bit different here.

Firstly, the takeoff in a Cessna 172 is different from what I’m used to – the airplane is faster and heavier. Additionally, the instruments are arranged differently, so it takes some time to get used to the new layout.

The flight ended up being more difficult than I expected. I thought I had learned how to fly straight and level, but it seems I need more practice.

Currently, I’m flying with “foggles,” which covers everything but the airplane instruments. This means I can’t see the beautiful Florida landscapes, let alone take photos. Despite this, I’m excited to be flying again!


We landed without the “foggles” in VMC (Visual Meteorological Conditions, which means I could remove the foggles and look outside), but the landing wasn’t perfect. However, the approach to the runway was made easier by the VASI (Visual Approach Slope Indicator), which is actually the improved version, the PAPI (Precision Path Approach Indicator). The runway itself is long and made of concrete. The Cessna 172 lands with much more of a “nose up” attitude than the Cessna 150, so it feels different.


Overall, I’m thrilled to be flying again, despite the challenges!






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