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  • CPL Long Cross-Country

    Solo cross-country flight of more than 300 nautical miles (it is about 540 km) with at least two full stop landings in different airports other than a departure airport is a requirement for any Commercial Pilot. This is correct both for the EASA and FAA, but FAA also requires that one of the airport should […]

  • Lake-City

    At the weekends I used to fly from the early morning, but this Saturday I decided to sleep some more: it is not a good idea to fly if you’re tired. Today the weather was good, so it was possible to fly to Lake-City. So, why that place? First of all, the weather is much […]

  • IFR Gainesville

    I failed to fly IFR with the school’s black N4642J due to oil temperature problem, but the weather was still OK to fly, and one more airplane became available. At 2:30 pm it was still possible to fly to Gainesville and back. The weather forecast was FM1900Z VCTS и BKN40CB, which means that there would […]

  • The Thunderstorm

    Thunderstorms and shower rain started today from the early morning. I took my time and slept: sometimes our body requires some rest. The weather in Florida is very varied though: after 2 pm the rain stopped, and from about 4 pm the clouds started to dissipate, and the weather finally became flyable. I found some […]

  • Gainesville

    Flight time building is a great period, especially its cross country part: you just enjoy flying and have fun. Of course, it’s a big deal of planning, preparation and studying, but it is a great possibility to explore new places while gaining more experience. Summer in Florida is challenging. It is not only sun and […]

  • The Art of a Good Decision Making: Weather Challenges

    Weather is a critical factor for any pilot, and today we were planning ILS and VOR approaches in controlled airspace. The forecast was initially good and even improving, with almost no wind, a ceiling of 4300, and visibility of 10 miles or more. After all preparations and a preflight check, however, the wind shifted to […]

  • Understanding Weather Radar for Pilots: Why Red is a Warning Sign

    Today, flying is not possible due to the weather conditions. The weather radar displays dense clouds, indicating that I should wait for better weather to fly. In essence, the weather radar shows the concentration of water droplets. Red areas indicate large droplets, typically indicating the presence of a thunderstorm in that area, and as you […]

  • Flying in Hot Windy Weather: A Pilot’s Experience

    I was supposed to fly early in the morning, but it didn’t happen. The airplane didn’t have enough fuel, and the fuel service is usually only available in the afternoon. Anyway, I needed some more sleep. I took off in the afternoon and during the flight, I noticed that my ground speed was way less […]

  • I’m A Little Black Rain Cloud, of Course

    I’m just a little white rain cloudHovering under the honey treeI’m only a little black rain cloudPay no attention to me… Sometimes the weather just doesn’t want to cooperate. Today, one of these rain clouds demanded my attention. Although the clouds look gorgeous, they are also scary. This one in particular may not seem dangerous, […]

  • Mountain and Lake Adventures: A Flight to the Austrian Border

    I have always wanted to see the mountains and lakes near the Austrian border, and they are truly incredible. The only challenge is that one needs to climb up to 6000 feet to get a good view. Luckily, the weather today was perfect for it. I bet that glider pilots would have been envious of […]