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  • Adjusting Priorities: My Revised Flight Career Plan and Goals

    It seems that I need to adjust my priorities compared to my plan that I made in December. Currently, due to my job, I have to remain in Moscow, which means I am unable to fly at the moment. Moreover, obtaining US visas has become more challenging, and the risk of not being granted an […]

  • Starting Flight Training in the US: My Journey and Plans Ahead

    The blog is still alive, and I’m happy to report that I’m still pursuing my flight training. I haven’t made any post in a while, but that’s only because I’ve been studying hard (although not the EASA subjects) and waiting for my visa to be approved. For those who are interested in flight training in […]

  • How I’m Planning to Obtain My FAA and EASA Licenses as a Pilot

    As I may have mentioned before, I plan to continue my practical flight training in the US for various reasons: native English ATC, an easier CPL written test compared to the EASA one, and, of course, cheaper flight hours compared to Europe. The main reason though is that I don’t want to stay on the […]