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  • Bartow

    Today I finally succeeded in my efforts of trying to wake up early at the weekend. Actually it was a good reason to do it: much more chances to fly cross-country wherever you want before thunderstorm activity. Today I was going to Bartow. It is an airport in about 70 miles to the South-East. Close […]

  • Lake-City

    At the weekends I used to fly from the early morning, but this Saturday I decided to sleep some more: it is not a good idea to fly if you’re tired. Today the weather was good, so it was possible to fly to Lake-City. So, why that place? First of all, the weather is much […]

  • Apopka Airport

    The weather in Florida is challenging in summer. Today I managed to fly early morning, when there is no turbulent clouds or thunderstorms. Visibility was worse than it would be at the afternoon, but still acceptable. I adore early morning flights: the air is calm, it is not so hot, and it’s possible to takeoff […]

  • Long Cross-Country

    Every FAA CPL candidate should have at least one long cross-country flight with one 250+ nautical miles leg, as stated in 14 CFR § 61.129. Today I had this long cross-country flight: KCGC-KMTH-KIMM-KCGC, more than 6 flight hours with one refueling. The first 30-40 miles the ceiling was at about 1500 feet, going higher upon […]

  • Nice Box

    Currently I am mainly flying the airplane without GPS, so I decided to order some things for better situation awareness. First of all, I ordered an iPad for using it with foreflight (which works only on apple tablets/phones). At the end I’ve chosen FltPlan Go instead, but anyway flying with EFB is easier: I can […]

  • Night flight

    During my previous visit here I completed almost all commercial requirements related to night hours except one 2-hour cross-country. I wanted to fly it, but some circumstances prevented that flight. This time this flight seemed to happen. I checked the airplane in advance, ensured that we had full tanks and enough oil. Ensured that nobody […]

  • Jacksonville

    Today I made one more cross-country flight to Jacksonville Executive. Our route crossed a restricted area: when it is active, I cannot fly there in specified altitude range. That area can be active during specified hours, or by NOTAM. If it is active, I should avoid it or choose an altitude out of the area […]

  • Making the Most of Flight School: Flying to Tampa Executive Instead of Taking Uber

    Typically, students from our school who come from abroad opt for Tampa International Airport for their arrival or departure. It’s approximately 100 km away, and the common means of transportation is Uber. However, as flight school students, shouldn’t we utilize airplanes? Moreover, many of us require more flight time, so why not make it worthwhile? […]

  • Enhancing Skills: VOR Practice and Flying in a Busy Airspace

    Today, I made the decision to fly to Lakeland for additional VOR practice. Although it will be a VFR flight, I wanted to sharpen my skills using our Cessna’s VOR equipment as well. The airspace was bustling with activity today. Numerous small light aircraft, turboprops, and even a jet were present. Radio communications were quite […]

  • Exploring the Scenic Route: A Delightful Trip from Crystal River to Cross City

    The route from Crystal River to Cross City is considered rather simple, and many students from our school fly there almost every day. I had only been there once before, and even on that occasion, I was wearing ‘foggles’ (special glasses restricting the view, used for instrument training), so I hardly saw anything. Today, I […]