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  • Florida Summertime

    The summer in Florida is much worse than the winter. It is generally correct that it’s possible to fly all year long, but in winter we have almost all day, and in summer we can have only about 2-3 hours or nothing at all. I used to thunderstorms after about 2-3pm almost every day: they […]


    Before every flight we have perform a preflight check, and for flying VFR (visual flight rules) during daytime there is list of equipment which must exist and must be operational. The entire list is stated in ยง 91.205, and there is an acronym for simplify our lives: A TOMATO FLAMES. Once filled out it looks […]

  • Night flight

    During my previous visit here I completed almost all commercial requirements related to night hours except one 2-hour cross-country. I wanted to fly it, but some circumstances prevented that flight. This time this flight seemed to happen. I checked the airplane in advance, ensured that we had full tanks and enough oil. Ensured that nobody […]

  • Partial Panel Flying: Dealing with Instrument Failures

    For every pilot, it’s crucial to deal with any system failure promptly. Recognizing failures and taking corrective action can be vital, especially in bad weather. Today’s lesson was about flying without some instruments, a technique called “partial panel.” In practice, the instructors covered some instruments, and I had to perform the usual maneuvers, including stalls, […]