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  • Finally EASA NVFR!

    For being able to obtain the EASA Instrument Rating an applicant have to meet some criteria. The full list can be found in Part-FCL 610. Summary is the following: hold at least a PPL; have 50 XC hours as a PIC (and for EASA cross-country time is not required to be more than 50 miles […]

  • EASA Night Rating (NVFR): Navigation/Cross-Country Flight

    Night rating in essential for having the Instrument Rating checkride according to my school curriculum. Usually students just obtain it in spring or autumn (because of early sunset) after their PPL, but I came for the EASA Competency-Based IR after getting a FAA CPL, and somehow started my instrument training before getting a night rating. […]

  • Trusting Your Instruments: Navigating the Night Sky

    A FAA CPL applicant must meet certain aeronautical experience requirements outlined in 14 CFR ยง 61.129 which includes a night cross-country flight and 10 night landings at a controlled airport. Since I had some time before returning to Moscow, I decided to gain some night experience. Flying at night is really cool. The winds are […]