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  • EASA CPL: Brand New Commercial Pilot

    One more milestone is passed – now I officially possess EASA Commercial Pilot License with single-engine, multi-engine and instrument ratings. It took about 50 flight hours and almost a year – mainly because of theoretical exams preparation, and today I passed the practical exam. The commercial course itself took 15 dual hours, one long solo […]

  • EASA Instrument Checkride

    I completed my competency-based instrument rating course and recently got my night rating. The examiner was able to squeeze my exam into his schedule on Sunday, and the weather was perfect, so I had my checkride today. It was my second attempt since previously the attitude indicator failed in the school Cessna 172, and we […]

  • Multi-engine Checkride…

    … or the story about letters collection. I’ve already written about my oral part of the multi-engine checkride. The weather have not become acceptable for it that day, so I got a Letter of Discontinuance. It means that the checkride was interrupted for some reason (the weather in my case). The weather still did not […]

  • Multiengine Checkride

    Some days ago I passed the FAA Commercial checkride (ASEL, Airplane Single Engine Land). During my flight time building I made some hours in a multiengine one since I wanted a AMEL (Airplane Multi Engine Land) rating too. Today the weather was great for a checkride. My exam started from an oral part, and it […]

  • Commercial Pilot

    Today was The Day I was waiting for so long: I passed my commercial checkride. Now I have a FAA Commercial Pilot license ASEL (Airplane Single Engine Land). The checkride in the US has two parts: the oral and written one. During the oral part the examiner asks about airspaces, airplane systems, weather and other […]

  • IR Part 141, Checkride: Becoming a Legal Instrument Pilot

    After about two months of flying, studying, and waiting, I am finally going to have my Instrument Rating checkride. I am thrilled since I only had to wait for two days after my end-of-course check, which is not common at all. We will be flying to Brooksville, a nearby controlled airport with an ILS approach […]

  • Passing the EASA Private Pilot Checkride: Reaching the First Milestone

    Finally, I made it! To be honest, I was worried that I would have to return to Moscow before completing my PPL because I didn’t have any possibility to stay here after the 1st of July. It’s much easier to take the exam right after finishing the course because of the fresh skills, and I […]