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  • Multi-Engine IPC – Yet Another Skills Check

    Legally FAA IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check) can be done in any airplane, it just validates the Instrument Rating. After that a license holder can fly by instruments any airplane class mentioned in a license. For example, if I have Single Engine Land, Multi Engine Land and Single Engine Sea class ratings and a valid Instrument […]

  • IPC – Instrument Proficiency Check

    Hi folks! After a long pause I am flying again, and now I am in the Rocky Mountains! The weekend weather turned out to be great. It was a little windy, but sunny and not gusty. As I already mentioned (and you probably know) according to the FAA rules one needs to comply with the […]

  • EASA Instrument Checkride

    I completed my competency-based instrument rating course and recently got my night rating. The examiner was able to squeeze my exam into his schedule on Sunday, and the weather was perfect, so I had my checkride today. It was my second attempt since previously the attitude indicator failed in the school Cessna 172, and we […]

  • At the Controls Again

    It’s been quite a long time I did not fly: my previous flight was in Warsaw in October. I was studying ATPL subjects since then and did not practise at all. Today I made a flight to renew my SEP (Single Engine Piston) VFR rating. We used Cessna 152, and I remembered the feeling of […]

  • Commercial Pilot

    Today was The Day I was waiting for so long: I passed my commercial checkride. Now I have a FAA Commercial Pilot license ASEL (Airplane Single Engine Land). The checkride in the US has two parts: the oral and written one. During the oral part the examiner asks about airspaces, airplane systems, weather and other […]

  • IR Part 141, Checkride: Becoming a Legal Instrument Pilot

    After about two months of flying, studying, and waiting, I am finally going to have my Instrument Rating checkride. I am thrilled since I only had to wait for two days after my end-of-course check, which is not common at all. We will be flying to Brooksville, a nearby controlled airport with an ILS approach […]

  • IR Part 141: The End-of-Course Check Flight

    The Part 141 course requires an internal school check flight before allowing students to have a checkride. This check is usually performed by the school chief pilot or a senior flight instructor. In my case, the school owner, Tom Davis, will conduct the check. The weather is fine today, and I need to demonstrate that […]

  • IR Part 141, Stage III Check: One More Cross-Country Flight

    Stage III of the Instrument Rating course mainly focuses on cross-country flights and everything related to them, such as weather briefing, flight planning, reading and interpreting NOTAMs, fuel, weight and balance computation, and more. Therefore, this stage check is a one more cross-country flight with full preparation. Unfortunately, the weather today is far from perfect, […]

  • IR part 141, Stage II Check: Mastering Instrument Approaches

    Probably the most important stage in the Instrument Rating course is Stage II, when the student learns to fly approaches. It requires precise and correct piloting, proper radio communications, multitasking skills, and attention to detail. Of course, these skills are important in every flight, including visual piloting, but instrument flight is even more demanding. Although […]

  • Passing the First Stage Check of Part 141 Instrument Rating Course

    The Part 141 Instrument Rating course requires a proficiency check after every stage of training. There are a total of three stage checks and a final end-of-course check. The Part 141 course also mandates a strict order of lessons, so one cannot begin the next stage before completing the previous stage check. I had been […]