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  • Aviation Medical in Florida

    One needs a US medical examination to fly legally, so it was my first priority for me after I arrived. Yesterday I was not able to visit the doctor, therefore I could not fly as well. So I was sleeping for almost the entire day. Probably that’s just jet lag? This morning I came to […]

  • First Class Medical

    Today I got my first class medical certificate. For pilots there are two classes in Europe: the first one is the highest, and without it one cannot work as pilot. Before that I had the second one because it is cheaper and totally enough for a private pilot certificate (which one I have now). Initial […]

  • Aviation Medical and ICAO English

    A summary of my day: I got my medical certificate, and passed ICAO English. I am happy! =) So, here are some explanations. Everybody has to be healthy to fly. It means that every pilot should pass a medical. There are three types of certificates. From the most strict to the less one: the first […]