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  • My Hang-Gliding Adventure: Dreaming of Future Flights

    Today I finally flew a real hang-glider after spending some days flying trainers. It was an aircraft with an 18-square-meter wing. My first impression was fantastic, as I was in the middle of the recommended weight limits! In Russia, I only flew training hang-gliders manufactured by Aeros with a 16-square-meter wing, so I was a […]

  • Navigating Tight Spaces: Coordinated Turns for Successful Landings

    What’s necessary for a good landing on a small landing area? Correctly estimating altitude, wind, applying proper wind correction, and making coordinated turns with predictable altitude loss are all key. Today I practiced these skills, except for wind estimation, which was easy thanks to the many windsocks on the hill. I started with 45-degree turns […]

  • Italian Mountain Soaring: Conquering Tiny Landing Spots

    Italian Mountain Soaring: Conquering Tiny Landing Spots

    I am continuing on my hang-gliding journey, and today I am flying a different hang-glider, which is also 21 sq meters but has a stiffer sail. It is much easier to control, but the start is more difficult and the flight is lower. I completed 24 “takeoff-flight-landing” exercises straight ahead and 4 flights with a […]

  • Without an Engine: Hang-Gliding in Italy

    Without an Engine: Hang-Gliding in Italy

    Currently, I am flying without an engine as I have come to an Italian hang-gliding school for a week. Since I do not have a license, nor do I have any knowledge about the terrain and aerology of this place, I am starting from the basics with basic exercises. The training approach here is different […]