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  • Job Search

    More than a year passed since I started searching a good flight school. I started with Europe (and finally got my PPL), then obtained a FAA CPL in the US. It required a lot of effort, I checked out tons of information. Generally I suppose that I made a right decision. Now I understand that […]

  • What’s Next?

    The question is relevant probably for almost every brand new pilot, especially outside of the US. Finally the moment comes when the student becomes a pilot. But the license is just the beginning. Employers are looking for experience, and a flight school gives just a basic one. Usually the typical path for an American is […]

  • Choosing the Best Place to Obtain a Pilot License: Considerations about Flight Schools in Europe and the United States

    For every professional pilot, the first step is a Private Pilot License (PPL). The second usual step is an Instrument Rating (IR), which allows one to fly in worse weather. Currently, I am at this stage, but what’s next? For various reasons, I decided to learn to fly in Europe and in the US. Australia […]

  • My PPL Journey and Future Plans

    I went to the Czech Republic to get my PPL, and I passed my checkride in May. My documents are now ready, but instead of requesting them to be mailed to me, I decided to pick them up myself. Meanwhile I wanted to obtain a 1st class medical, and I also enjoy traveling, so this […]

  • Current Mood

    I have clear plans and goals. My mood now can be described by something like this: Wild and free