IR Part 141: Long Cross Country

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Every student pilot should have a long cross country flight during his training course. It does not mean that you should really cross the entire country, of course, but there are some requirements to the flight legs. The requirements depend on a particular course (private, instrument or commercial program).

Instrument rating requires a flight of 250 nautical miles with instrument approach at each airport and three different kinds of approaches (according to FAR § 61.65).

We flew through an airspace B (controlled airspace above Orlando International airport), it was an interesting experience.

In the US there are all types of airspace from A to G. For example, in Czech Republic we can find G, D and C for general aviation, but here D usually means a small regional airport. Large international airports are usually have B airspace. I like this article for a quick airspace review in the US: Airspace – AOPA. And that is how the airspace in Czech Republic looks like. Looks less crowded, doesn’t it? And we can also keep in mind that there are only about 5 controlled airports in the entire country.

Finally I have some pictures: my instructor took them near Orlando International and St. Petersburg International airports. Looks amazing!

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