First Time in The Canadian Sky: The Flight Instructor Course

As I have already mentioned, I finally converted my FAA license to the Canadian one and received my aviation booklet in the mail. Now, I am a certified commercial pilot in Canada, which allows me to fly here and even get paid for it.

However, finding a job is a different story as I have slightly more flight hours than a typical local flight school graduate but no experience in Canadian airspace.

Nonetheless, I am sending my CV to every place I can find, and in the meantime, I have decided to sign up for a flight instructor course. This will give me some local flight experience and make me more attractive to prospective employers.

Today was my first flight in a Canadian-registered aircraft from a Canadian aerodrome and, consequently, the first logbook entry in Canada. I am so excited about it! It is the beginning of a new journey, and I am a student again, familiarizing myself with flying from the right seat.

This guy is definitely a flight instructor driving to work

Have you ever tried to drive a right-hand-drive car in a right-hand traffic country like the US or Canada? Then you will probably understand how it feels. Almost all the instruments are to the left, and I have an almost blank panel in front of me. The airplane cowling is also in the wrong place. And now, not only do I have to fly, but I also have to learn how to teach and explain.

Anyway, I am happy to be back in the air!






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