FAA to TCCA License Conversion: Medical

The first step to obtain a Canadian pilot license is getting a medical. You need to find an AME (Aeromedical Examiner) in your area here and make an appointment.

I decided to get both TCCA and FAA medicals, and it turned out that there are not so many options for that. I found only two AMEs in Toronto area – Dr. Gillmore and Dr. Kapoor. The closest date was in about a month from my call, and I made an appointment for today.

The medical examination is very similar to the one in the US or Europe. It takes less than an hour and it is fairly easy for a healthy person.

The complications started where I did not expect them at all. In the US or EU I used to getting my medical on the spot, but in Canada it is a totally different story. The first medical is mailed to you, and currently (March 2022) it takes… Nobody knows how long. Maybe 4 or 5 months. Maybe more. Nobody answers the phone. Nobody responds to emails.

Actually it was not that bad, and I got my certificate in about 2 months, which is not really fast, but it is not extremely slow as well. Hm, it looks like I am getting used to Canadian lifestyle 🙂





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