Flight to Maintenance: Overcoming a Technical Issue

As you know, I am currently flying to meet the minimum flight time requirements and, of course, for fun. Today, I had a really useful task: flying the airplane to the mechanics for scheduled maintenance.

While reading my preflight checklist, I noticed that the flaps do not deploy. I thought about it and realized that take-off would not be a problem since I had a long concrete runway, but what about landing on a runway of only 1.2 km at my destination. The aircraft weight was okay since I was alone, without any bags and still hadn’t had breakfast. So, landing should be safe, and the technicians would have a better chance of finding the problem. I called the flight school boss and explained the situation. He agreed that it was not a big deal, so I could fly.

It was cool to take off from a gloomy place and then enter a sunny area!

Magically, the flaps started working again upon arrival, and the landing was normal. Technicians could not find anything wrong with them either. Just in case, I made three additional circuits, and everything was okay.

I flew to another school base (LKRO) and then back to the home base. The flaps worked as they should.

Today, I passed my first 100 hours mark!





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