Exploring New Runways: A Day of Challenging Landings

Today, I finally had the opportunity to fly again. I know that landing and approaches are still my weak points, so I decided to practice them extensively. I flew to six different airports to increase the challenge.

I started at my home aerodrome, which has a wide, long runway that I am familiar with. Then I moved on to LKPLES, where the runway is only 1640 feet long and 15 meters wide. Despite being paved, it seemed tiny compared to my home airport!

All of the other aerodromes I visited had grass runways. However, each one was unique in its own way. For example, I landed on a runway with a “step” that could make the airplane jump like a kangaroo after a bit of excessive speed. I also landed on a downsloping runway, which felt very unusual because the flare seemed endless, and it was very easy to baloon. I also landed on a friendly, plain runway and a rough, short runway that had power lines and trees nearby. It was a very interesting day, and I am happy that I had the chance to fly again.

During my time building, I hope to see some interesting places, but I’m having trouble finding detailed information. I suppose I’ll just have to discover them by myself. For example, there are some beautiful mountains in the Northern and Southern parts of the Czech Republic that I’m eager to visit.

In the future, I hope to rent an airplane and fly across Europe with multiple stops in different countries. I think it would be an amazing experience, much better than traveling by car. If anyone is interested in joining me, let me know!





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