My PPL Journey and Future Plans

I went to the Czech Republic to get my PPL, and I passed my checkride in May. My documents are now ready, but instead of requesting them to be mailed to me, I decided to pick them up myself. Meanwhile I wanted to obtain a 1st class medical, and I also enjoy traveling, so this was a perfect opportunity.

Unfortunately, I found out that I cannot schedule a medical appointment in the Czech Republic until August 14th. As a result, I cannot sign up for any ground schools yet, but I used this extra time to research schools, and I found some in Poland that are cheaper than even those in Hungary.

During this trip, I plan to go on a $100 hamburger flight. For those who don’t know, it’s a flight to a restaurant, where you stop for lunch before flying back. While the cost of the flight, including fuel and airplane rental, makes the lunch cost more than $100, the main purpose is to gain more experience and have fun. Since I will be driving more than 4000 kilometers, it doesn’t make sense to just pick up my documents and return home. I miss flying and need more flight time, so this will be a great opportunity to combine business with pleasure. It’s all about enjoying life, isn’t it?






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