Balancing Work and Study: My Journey towards an ATPL

I still haven’t chosen a school for my theory and my license is still pending, but I’m planning my next trip to Europe. I hope to have my documents ready in one to two weeks, and during the trip, I’d like to get a first-class medical. It’s a requirement for the ATPL, and I want to make sure that I’m eligible. Additionally, I’d like to visit a school and fly some more hours.

I’m currently in the Russian countryside for a few weeks and I miss airplanes. I don’t see any reason to fly in Russia now because the flight hour prices are the same, but there are only a few authorized schools, and none will allow me to fly solo. I’m not considering large institutions because they require at least three years for about 200 flight hours, which is not affordable for me. I already have a higher education in Math, and I can easily obtain a Commercial License in a few months, so 3 years is too long and 200 hours are too low. I might have considered that path about 5-7 years ago, but not now.

Time is passing, and while I can’t fly, I can still study. I ordered some books from Oxford Aviation Academy and signed up for Bristol Ground School question banks. I plan to take at least one test per day and read the books. I’d like to pass the exams before winter, but I’m not sure if that’s possible.

I’m studying a lot – at least four hours per day for books and questions. I’m also working full-time, so it’s not easy. I continue to listen to liveATC, but I’m still not very good at listening, especially in busy environments.

Apart from airplanes, I’m also studying Spanish to keep my mind in shape.

Now, I feel like a student again – lots of information, lots of tasks, and little time for sleeping. It’s okay because I’m not flying, and I’m trying to use my time efficiently. But I can’t wait to fly again!





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