Exploring the Czech Mountains on a Cross-Country Flight

I’m continuing with my cross-country flights, and today I explored the incredible mountains near the Czech border with Poland. I climbed to 5,500 feet, so I’m getting closer to the airliners!

I really enjoy cross-country flights. I get to see beautiful forests, castles, fields, mountains, houses, cars, and people below my plane, with the incredible blue sky above. The clouds look amazing. I’m already pretty good at controlling the airplane, and I have plenty of time to enjoy sightseeing.

After practicing for a few days, I can now fly in the vicinity of the aerodrome without a paper map, but for longer flights, it’s still vital. The airplane also has GPS, but I try not to rely on it too much.

There are some interesting places around, like the Skoda automotive factory, a paper factory (I can see a lot of lumber there), beautiful rivers, an abandoned military aerodrome, and mountain villages.

Today I had a different airplane again, also a Cessna C-152, but I liked it much more. I think it’s more stable, and its performance is a little better. I will try to book this plane for my next flight.

The traffic can be hard to see! The airplanes seem tiny from a distance! Once, I even mistook a radio-controlled airplane near the airfield for a regular plane.

Today, I wasn’t happy with my landings. I flared too high. I will work on it more in the next few days.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t tired today, probably because the weather was easier to handle or I’m getting used to flying!





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