Weathering the Skies: A Welcome Change from Bumpy Rides

When I used to fly short cross-countries, it was a bumpy ride. After takeoff, I would climb through a rollercoaster of turbulence, turn to the desired course, and try to maintain straight and level flight while constantly adjusting the trim and RPM. Suddenly, the VSI would show +5, so I would correct and trim, only for it to then show -5. I would adjust again, straighten out, and then the left wing would suddenly go up. I would quickly level the wings and trim again, but soon after, the VSI would show +5 once more.

During these flights, I struggled to understand the purpose of trim in the C150. And flying the plane wasn’t my only task—I also had to follow a chart, apply wind corrections, and keep track of time. Spring in Europe could be quite challenging for a student pilot.

Today, everything is different. Thermal activity is weak, and I can fly straight and level without constantly adjusting the controls. It’s amazing to see how stable an airplane can be without any pilot intervention. I can relax and enjoy the view of the pretty castles below, of which there are many in the Czech Republic. Early morning is the perfect time for training. I am grateful for this opportunity to learn and grow as a pilot.





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