Month: May 2017

  • Passing the EASA Private Pilot Checkride: Reaching the First Milestone

    Finally, I made it! To be honest, I was worried that I would have to return to Moscow before completing my PPL because I didn’t have any possibility to stay here after the 1st of July. It’s much easier to take the exam right after finishing the course because of the fresh skills, and I […]

  • Completing Flight Training: Overcoming Weather Challenges

    Summer is approaching, which means thunderstorms will be on the horizon. I need two more hours to complete my flight training, and today those hours are going to fly by. As I arrived at the aerodrome, I noticed a dark cloud accompanied by thunder. I have to be back in Moscow soon, and extending my […]

  • Exploring the Czech Mountains on a Cross-Country Flight

    I’m continuing with my cross-country flights, and today I explored the incredible mountains near the Czech border with Poland. I climbed to 5,500 feet, so I’m getting closer to the airliners! I really enjoy cross-country flights. I get to see beautiful forests, castles, fields, mountains, houses, cars, and people below my plane, with the incredible […]

  • Long PPL Cross-Country Flight: A Crucial Milestone in Flight Training

    There was one more important stage for me today: I flew my long cross-country with two full stop landings in different aerodromes. In my case, there were Hradec Kralove (hurray, concrete runway!) and Pribram (hurray, asphalt runway!). I already mentioned that I like concrete and asphalt runways more than grass or turf ones. The landscape […]

  • Mastering Cross-Country Navigation: My Latest Flight Check Experience

    Today, I underwent another check to endorse me for solo navigation flights. This internal check is mandatory for all students as per our syllabus. Basically it was a regular cross-country flight using a paper chart, and we flew a very beautiful route. I’m not scared of navigation flights, generally I do well. To be honest, […]

  • First Solo Flight: A Milestone Moment in My Aviation Journey

    Finally, the day arrived – I flew my first solo today, a crucial milestone for any pilot. Prior to the solo, I had flown over 10 patterns with my instructor and another three with the examiner. The examiner stayed on the ground with a handheld radio and provided very clear instructions beforehand: if he were […]

  • From Above: Land in Sight!

    We have been flying a lot of aerodrome patterns lately, trying them out in different aerodromes to get a richer experience. While I am improving, my instructor is not completely confident in my flying, and so he doesn’t want to let me fly solo just yet. Perhaps if I had only one instructor from the […]

  • Exam Success: Reflections on Passing the EASA PPL Written Exams

    Today, I passed the remaining written exam subjects for my private pilot course. I described my first attempt here. One nice surprise was that retaking the exams is totally free in the Czech Republic. I had assumed that I would have to pay for each attempt, but I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this […]

  • Exploring Karlovy Vary from the Air: Flying to the Controlled Airspace

    Karlovy Vary is a stunning location, with its lakes and buildings appearing even more breathtaking from a bird’s eye view. As part of my private pilot training curriculum, I had the opportunity to fly to the CTR (control zone) today, and I was taken aback by the high workload. Although the flight was almost identical […]

  • Exploring New Aerodromes: A Pilot’s Perspective on Grass Runways

    I enjoy exploring new aerodromes as they may appear similar, but each one has its unique characteristics. While I acknowledge that my experience as a pilot was still limited when I wrote this post, I believe this holds true for much more experienced pilots as well. I’ve already shared my thoughts about grass and concrete […]