Pilot’s Logbook

Every pilot logs the flight time and needs a logbook for that. There is no any problem with the paper one, but it is not very convenient when you need to filter the flight time for some task. For example, sometimes it’s good to know the complex time, or the time in a multi-engine airplane, or solo time. And when you have more than one license with different requirements, it can become a nightmare.

For example, I have to log instrument time (simulated and actual), but additionally so-called “IFR time”. “IFR time” means all time with an IFR flight plan, but “instrument” time means flying without visual references.

“FAA PIC” and “EASA PIC” time should be also logged differently: for instance, you cannot log PIC time according to EASA rules if you are receiving flight training.

Moreover, there are flight hours for cross-country, for Instrument Rating currency I have to log the approaches, and later it will be probably dual given time…

The point is that the electronic logbook can be a solution. Not as a primary source of information, but as a convenient tool to filter my flight time. Currently I use FltPlan as my EFB, but their logbook did not allow me to enter any item, so I started looking for an alternative.

Finally I found MyFlightBook, and I am totally happy with it. The service can do anything I need and even more: logging flight time, store photos, extract information about airplanes by their tail number, store information (for example, which maneuvers were performed in the flight, how many toch-n-goes and so on) and even attach a telemetry. Their filters are great, and they have export to Excel for more advanced filtering. They allow to print the logbook according to different requirements and formats. And surprisingly the service is free.

Now I can easily say how many flight hours I have in, for example, Cessna 172 or which rating will be expired soon =)