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  • Christmas Eve Celebration with Flight School Officials

    Today is Christmas Eve and unfortunately, my instructor is not available. However, instead of flying, all of the students were invited to a dinner party at the chief pilot’s home. I was starting to miss the cozy atmosphere of being at home, so this celebration was really good for me. I just wanted to take…

  • Current Mood

    I have clear plans and goals. My mood now can be described by something like this: Wild and free

  • Pilot’s blog: My Route to the Sky

    Pilot’s blog: My Route to the Sky

    Quick navigation: First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Viktor, and I hold Commercial Pilot Licenses (Transport Canada, FAA and EASA). In 2022 I moved to Canada, flew skydivers for one season, and now I am instructing in a local flight school. My quick CV: It’s been a while since I got…