What’s Next?

The question is relevant probably for almost every brand new pilot, especially outside of the US.

Finally the moment comes when the student becomes a pilot. But the license is just the beginning. Employers are looking for experience, and a flight school gives just a basic one. Usually the typical path for an American is becoming a flight instructor, and gaining more and more flight time. But for foreigners it sometimes does not work: it’s hard to find that much of student pilots in any other country, so flight instructors are not in demand.

The other problem is that there is not so many general aviation jobs in Russia, and most of airlines require aviation degree from one of 5 Russian institutions. By that I really mean a degree, not just a license.

What can I have? I speak Russian, English and French, I have a master’s degree (but not in aviation field), and a commercial license with IR and ME. What can I do? Aerophotography, parachute dropping, banner towing, scenic flights, power lines inspection. I will try to find something like that in Russia or outside, and will still fly to gain more experience.

I will also try to find something in Canada, I am thinking about some flight instructor program with internship. Hopefully I will work it out.