Month: July 2018

  • SkyVector

    It’s hard to believe that now I am officially a pilot, but when I type “sky..” in my browser, skyvector appears earlier than skyscanner 🙂

  • Multi-engine Checkride…

    … or the story about letters collection. I’ve already written about my oral part of the multi-engine checkride. The weather have not become acceptable for it that day, so I got a Letter of Discontinuance. It means that the checkride was interrupted for some reason (the weather in my case). The weather still did not […]

  • Multiengine Checkride

    Some days ago I passed the FAA Commercial checkride (ASEL, Airplane Single Engine Land). During my flight time building I made some hours in a multiengine one since I wanted a AMEL (Airplane Multi Engine Land) rating too. Today the weather was great for a checkride. My exam started from an oral part, and it […]

  • AviationExam discount: How to Save 50$

    In my previous posts I already mentioned AviationExam, the great question bank for EASA exams. It is surprisingly good for FAA exams too: despite of the fact that almost nobody in the US heard about it, from my opinion it is the best tool after Sheppard Air. I passed my FAA IR and FAA CPL […]

  • Commercial Pilot

    Today was The Day I was waiting for so long: I passed my commercial checkride. Now I have a FAA Commercial Pilot license ASEL (Airplane Single Engine Land). The checkride in the US has two parts: the oral and written one. During the oral part the examiner asks about airspaces, airplane systems, weather and other […]

  • FAA Commercial Requirements…

    … or how to waste some money. Firstly I’d like to tell about the FAA check-ride situation in Florida: there are a lot of flight schools, there are a lot of students, and there are only 5 DPEs. In practice it means that usually one have to wait for a checkride more than a month. […]

  • AviationExam and BGS Online

    My EASA ATPL written test preparation moves on very slowly. But I don care, because during this time I completed my FAA IR, and now I am working on my FAA CPL. Nevertheless, I am still interested in EASA ATPL, and I’d like to continue studying. So, my yearly BGS Online subscription will expire soon, […]

  • Demystifying Flight Time Logging: Navigating Tricky Differences in Aviation Regulations

    Logging the flight time can be a challenge when you need to meet the requirements of different authorities such as FAA, EASA and Transport Canada. While they share many similarities, there are some crucial differences that you should know to stay out of trouble and probably save some money. Firstly, let me explain some terms. […]