Month: February 2018

  • Air Taxi

    Usually our school students from abroad use Tampa International airport for arrival or departure. It’s about 100 km from here, and the most common way to go there is Uber. But we are flight school students! From my opinion, we should use airplanes! Anyway a lot of us need more flight time, so why not […]

  • Lakeland

    Today I decided to fly to Lakeland for some more VOR practice. Anyway it will be a VFR flight, but our Cessna has a VOR, and it’s better to refresh my skills. Today the airspace here was very busy. A lot of small light aircrafts, some turboprops, and even a jet… The radio communications are […]

  • Cross City

    The route from Crystal River to Cross City is considered rather simple, and a lot of students from our school fly there almost every day. I’ve been there only once, and even that time I wore ‘foggles’, so I’ve seen almost nothing. So today I planned to visit that airport. The route is really easy: […]

  • Night Flight

    FAA CPL applicant should meet some requirements in aeronautical experience specified in 14 CFR ยง 61.129. For example, it requires a night cross-country flight and 10 night landings at the controlled airport. I have some days before returning to Moscow, so I decided to obtain some night experience. Flying at night is really cool. Wind […]

  • Winter Haven

    Winter Haven (KGIF) is an extremely beautiful place. There are two concrete runways and one water runway. Some day I will try it out too in a seaplane, but now I am flying an ASEL (Airplane Single Engine Land) so I have to use concrete or grass runways ๐Ÿ™‚ Flying without GPS is amazing. This […]

  • VFR Again

    The next logical step for Instrument Rating holder is a Commercial License. Finally I can fly without ‘foggles’ or ‘hood’! It’s so beautiful outside! I decided that it does not make sense to follow 141 route for my commercial course. I already have some flight time under my belt above private+IR course minimums, so at […]

  • IR Part 141: Checkride

    After about 2 months of flying, studying and waiting I am going to have an Instrument Rating checkride. Actually I am very happy since I was waiting only 2 days after my end-of-course check, it is not common at all. We’re flying to Brooksville, the controlled airport nearby with ILS approach available. The weather is […]

  • IR Part 141: The End-of-course Check

    Part 141 course requires the internal school check flight before allowing students to have a checkride. Usually the school chief pilot or some senior flight instructor performs this check. In my case this is the school owner, Tom Davis. The weather is fine today, and I have to demonstrate that I am ready for a […]

  • Work and Life

    I should have an end-of-course check tomorrow, but suddenly my job requires me to be in Moscow tomorrow before 2 pm MSK. It means that I have a bit less than 21 hour to come from Crystal River, FL to Moscow including booking the flights, traveling to/from the airports and so on. Fortunately it’s about […]

  • IR Part 141: Stage III Check

    Stage III mainly considers cross country flights and everything related to that: weather briefing, flight planning, reading and interpreting NOTAMs, fuel, weight and balance computation and so on. So for checking these skills we should make a cross country flight too. Today the weather is not perfect at all: there are wind gusts and pretty […]