Work and Life

I should have an end-of-course check tomorrow, but suddenly my job requires me to be in Moscow tomorrow before 2 pm MSK. It means that I have a bit less than 21 hour to come from Crystal River, FL to Moscow including booking the flights, traveling to/from the airports and so on.

Fortunately it’s about 9 am here, and it’s much better than, for example, evening or late night. But anyway the closest airports are Tampa or Gainesville, and there are no direct flights to Moscow from them. Miami is way further from here, which means that I could not reach it by ground transportation, so better to find a connection flight.

That was one of the craziest experience in my life. I did not find a real connection flight, but was able to find two separate flights, and I had to make an online registration to the flight to Moscow from the air on my way from Tampa to Miami. And I really had tiny time margins. But I made it anyway.

I am coming back this Monday. Of course, I had to ask about moving my end-of-course check, but hopefully not so much. I am almost done!